The Health Net Cup is a virtual bowling tournament held at senior centers and senior living communities across the west coast.

Instead of wooden lanes and pins, seniors hit the virtual lanes using Nintendo's Wii™ game system. The basic rules of the tournament are the same as in regular bowling. Health Net is organizing the tournaments and providing volunteers.

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It’s that time of the year again…the Health Net Cup Wii Bowling Tournament!

We had a successful preliminary tournament at the Mennonite Village in Albany, Oregon to kick off the games on June 22. Two senior centers came together to form a total of 7 teams who all came together to play a great, friendly game and enjoy the competition and the friendly atmosphere.

The teams included:
  • From Mennonite Village - Area 11 Pinpals, The Villagers, Erratica, The Incredibowls & The R.&W.'s
  • From Lebanon Senior Center - Strike Force & Rolling Stones
The R&W’s from Mennonite Village bowled an astounding 814 point game gaining 1st place. Strike Force from Lebanon Senior Center and The Area 11 Pinpals from Mennonite village had an extremely close match of 725 and 721; a difference of 4 points between their scores gaining them 2nd and 3rd place respectively. The MVP’s from this game, both hailing from Mennonite Village, were Mel Wolfer, who played the highest game of the competition of 289, and Belle Haworth, who had the highest series at 675 points.

We look forward to the next round of games on July 30!

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